Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 08/08/2011: New Stuff, Coffee at the Wandering Goat, Thai Goodbye

1.  After having an XM satellite receiver stolen for about the fourth time a couple of weeks ago, today the replacement was installed, involving the purchase of a new radio/cd/mp3 player.  I'm really happy with what I bought and now will focus on keeping my car doors locked.

2.  MB, Jeff, and Michael and I haven't had a coffee get together all summer until today and we packed a lot of conversation into about an hour and a half.  Mostly we got updated on what's new in our lives and, I'm sorry to say, did not quite have enough time to solve the world's problems.  We'll try to squeeze that in next time.

3.  We decided to have some Thai food to commemorate Adrienne's last supper with us before she flies back to New York tomorrow morning and it was really good.  I hadn't had Pad Thai (believe it or not) for longer than I can remember and was reminded why it's such a popular dish.  It was delicious.

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