Friday, October 3, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 10/02/14: Geography, Great Target Service, Lower Blood Pressure/Lose Weight

1.  I drove back to Laurel to take the Deke's insurance card to the clinic.  I could have faxed it, but I wanted to try a different route to get to the clinic and it was successful.  I continue to learn more about the lay of the land in northern Prince George's county.

2.  There were some mixups with health insurance today, too complicated to explain, but the upshot is I drove from Beltsville back to Groveton and tried to get the Deke's medicine at my favorite Target pharmacy in the whole world and the wonderful woman at the counter put in triple, even quadruple, effort to get things straightened out and, even though it was beyond what she and the pharmacist could do, I loved them for their efforts and I think we might have figure out the problem.  We bought the medicine outright today and pharmacist charged us half price because she had given the Deke an incorrect quote over the phone.  I might drive the 40 minutes to this place for my refills just to keep working with these people. 

3.  Not only am I really happy with the pharmacy service at the Target near Molly and Hiram's, I also really like my eye doctor who works out of an office in the Beltsville Costco.  I went back for a retinal photograph today and I enjoyed, once again, how she does her job.  She's not warm and fuzzy at all, but not cold either.  She is direct, works in a little humor, converses about things outside our eye business, and talked about the health of my eyes in a straightforward, understandable way.   My eyesight is good but the pictures of my retina revealed that it would be good if I lost some weight and lowered my blood pressure. 

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