Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 10/27/14: Misty Walk, Keeping It Clean, No Shop Rice Salad

1.  It was between 40 and 50 degrees as Charly and Maggie and I set out to walk around Greenbelt Lake this morning.  Mist hovered above the lake.  Red and golden leaves reflected off the water as the mist burned off.  Glorious.  Maggie was agitated on the leash because over the course of our walk we encountered four other dogs.  She was on high alert.  My camera wouldn't have been of much use to record this sublime scene.  Maggie required my focus.

2.  Up a half a flight of stairs and there's our buildings laundry room,  Regularly, people who work keeping up the apartment complex keep the room clean.  I got my laundry done today.  The machines were sparkling clean as was the floor.  Outside, workers mowed the expansive grounds.  Our rent helps cover  an impressive amount of upkeep around here, both in the buildings and on the grounds. It's great for morale.

3.  I didn't feel like going to the store so I decided I'd make dinner with whatever we had on hand.  Rice.  Tofu.  Garlic. Red pepper. Celery. Olive oil, Feta cheese. Almonds.  Lemon.  Oregano.  Fresh basil.  I cooked the rice and chilled it.  Fried up the tofu with garlic and chilled it.  Chopped the pepper and celery.  Mixed all the ingredients, squeezed a lemon over it all and poured some olive oil in the mix.  It's a great salad.  The Deke and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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