Monday, October 6, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 10/05/14: IKEA Delayed, Assemble Party, Makeshift Beds

1.  Our stuff was scheduled to be delivered by IKEA between 10-2 and I dutifully drove from Alexandria to Greenbelt to be here at 10 a.m. to receive the delivery.  It was delayed to 2-4.  Ha! So I got other stuff done: shopped for dinner groceries, put more of what we have away, even took a nap.

2.  Our IKEA delivery arrived and soon after so did the assemblers, the Deke and Molly.  I assigned myself cleanup duty.  They got our pieces put together and now we have a love seat, chair, coffee table, two end tables, and a dining table with chairs.  It's really kind of perfect for this uncertain time in our life.  The Deke and I don't know what's next, how long we'll be in this apartment, whether we might one day move elsewhere, so having simple, kind of temporary furniture that we can doll up a bit with blankets, tablecloths, place mats, and flowers just makes sense right now. 

3.   Our stuff is still at least a week away from arriving from Eugene.  We have no beds right now.  We were going to sleep on Molly and Hiram's air beds, but Molly and the Deke left them in Alexandria.  We could have driven (again) to Molly and Hiram's but we said resoundingly, NO!, we'll make something work.  I put the two back cushions of the love seat on the floor and covered myself with a couple of blankets.  I slept fine.  The Deke slept on the love seat.  She slept fine.  AND, we knew that when we woke up Monday morning, we wouldn't be on the Beltway.  I will drive the Deke to work, under 10 minutes away. 

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