Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 10/28/14: Happy Birthday Dad, A More Peaceful Walk, Chicken Soup

1. Were he alive, Dad would have turned 84 today.  For some reason, my thoughts about him today were all about the language he used.  He had so many great phrases he dropped and many of them were vulgar and that made me laugh and still does.  The one thing people say about my dad over and over again to me when I'm home in Kellogg is that he always made them laugh with his stories and his sayings and his antics.  He loved his Kellogg friends, loved being around other people, especially when he was in his element (at home, in friends' houses, the Bunker Hill, the bar, the bowling alley, and the golf course), and people enjoyed him, too.

2.  Today's walk around Greenbelt Lake was most enjoyable under a clearing sky and we only encountered one dog, so Maggie didn't have to act like a Secret Service warning dog so much and it made our walk much more peaceful.

3.  Yesterday, the Deke requested a very specific dinner:  chicken soup with onion, garlic, and broccoli.  So I made it and I made it right -- it was just what the Deke hoped it would be.

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