Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 09/30/14: Commute and Kitchen, Baskets and Fish, Stir Fry and Beer

1.  I'm not currently posting in the morning.  Why?  I'm driving the Deke on the Capital Beltway to Greenbelt and then doing stuff to slowly get our apartment ready to live in. (The apt. doesn't have internet service yet, either...) Right now, if I were called upon to cook a dinner, I'd have to get some food, but I have the equipment to do it.

2.   The Deke wanted three oblong laundry baskets and a small fishbowl for her classroom.  The laundry basket?  No problem. Target.  At Target, I walked into the middle of an employee's meeting in the middle of an aisle and it was the most help I've ever been given at Target and, together, the gaggle of Target employees pointed me to the indoor mall nearby and assured me I'd find a fishbowl there.  They were right.  I walked into a business called The Aquarium, which felt humid like a rain forest and where about a million birds were in cages and a couple million fish were in tanks and bought the little fishbowl for the Deke.

3.  Hiram returned home from touring across the USA with the President's Own United States Marine Band and I helped make his return a comfortable one by cooking up some stir fry and stocking the fridge with Pumpking Pumpkin Ale and Great Lakes Oktoberfest Beer.

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