Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 10/07/14: Magnificent Walk, Kindness in the Face of Difficulties, Red Card/Co-op Membership

1.  I agree with the doctor:  I need to exercise/walk to lose weight and lower my blood pressure.  I also know that the Corgis need to exercise so that they can use up some of their boundless energy, sleep during the day, and not be barking, potentially disrupting our apartment neighbors.  Soooo, Maggie and Charly and I walked the nearly half mile to Buddy Attick Park and walked the beautifully groomed and wide trail around the circumference of Greenbelt Lake.  I think I'll write more about this park and lake in a separate post, but suffice it to say that when the FDR administration put people to work on projects to bring beauty to places across the country, those workers built a wondrous lake and magnificent place to lose weight, lower my blood pressure, and to wear our the dogs.

2.  I posted a piece on kelloggbloggin entitled "The Other Side of Three Beautiful Things" as a way of saying that while I post positive things daily on my blog, when it comes to this move and starting a new life with the Deke here in Greenbelt, there are aspects of this change that have been difficult.  If you'd like to read this post, go here.  It did my inward life some good to own up to and make public difficulties in our new life.  But, even better than writing it was receiving notes of encouragement from friends,  I deeply appreciated this kindness and support.  It really did my inward life a lot of good.

3.  I returned a floor lamp I'd bought the day before to Target and I loved listening to the woman at the returns desk talk at length about why I should get a Target Red Card.  She was entirely committed to the value of this product and I smiled with pleasure as she processed my return and detailed the benefits of this card.  Later, I had a similar experience at the Co-op Grocery Store when the man who checked me out enthused about the benefits I would enjoy by being a co-op member.  He also made me laugh with his complaints about kids who were coming into the store and making the singing skeleton near his check stand sing time after time after time after time.  The skeleton only knows three songs and I think Eric is ready to break this Halloween decoration into fine pieces and sprinkle it all over Crescent Road.  (Can't blame him.)

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