Friday, October 31, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 10/30/14: Solo Photo Stroll, The List, Franklins -- a Brewery in Hyattsville

1.  As the corgis get more and more used to our apartment home, I'm more and more comfortable with leaving them alone while I go out and do things.  Today, I left them behind while I took a solo photo stroll to Greenbelt Lake and investigated parts of the lake I don't see when walking the corgis.  I haven't looked at the pictures yet, but I'm hoping I have some evidence of how gorgeous the lake looked on this clear, chilly, scarlet, and gold day.

2.  When we moved to Greenbelt, I made a list of things I wanted to have done before I left for Idaho.  It included medical appointments, getting the car registered and serviced, and a host of other things and, today, when I made an appointment to see a tax guy on Monday so I can begin to get ready to file my 2014 taxes and get some answers to questions about my tax life in this state,  I did everything on my list except see a dentist -- and I'll do that in Kellogg.

3.  I left the dogs alone again late this afternoon, picked up the Deke at her school, and drove down the road a ways to Hyattsville to try out Franklins Restaurant, Brewery, and General Store.  It was a fun place.  I especially enjoyed their IPA (and look forward to trying other beers of theirs).  My 10 inch pepperoni pizza was solid and the Deke enjoyed her crab cake sandwich.  We checked out the General Store and it was filled with toys, refrigerator magnets, and other stuff, but, most important and impressive, it had a top-notch beer and wine corner.  I didn't look closely at the wine, but I was very happy to know that if I ever decide to have a solo Belgian Blow Out, or, if I ever have the chance to have a Belgian Blow Out with someone else, the Franklin General Store is well-stocked with some great Belgian beers.  I could also have a solid Samuel Smith blow out, too.  The selection is not terribly high on quantity, but most impressive on quality.

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