Saturday, October 4, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 10/03/14: Moving Stuff, IKEA Dizzies Me, PERS Forms

1.  We are moving into our apartment very slowly and part of the problem is that our stuff hasn't arrived from Eugene and won't for another week or so.  But, after I drove the Deke to school today, I reversed field and came right back to Alexandria and loaded up most of the stuff we have here at Hiram and Molly's and moved it to Greenbelt.

2.  When we left Eugene, we gave away most of our furnishings and now we need to decide what to buy to furnish our apartment.  I started looking today by going to IKEA for the first time and I felt like the Minotaur in the labyrinth.  I've never had such a dizzying experience in a store, ever.  Fortunately, IKEA had not been constructed by Daedalus.  I wasn't being held by Minos.  Amidst the thousands of bath towels, place mats, sets of plates and cups and bowls, and tablecloths, I found an IKEA employee who walked me to an opening in the labyrinth and gave me directions and I escaped.  I have no idea if I think we should buy furniture or anything else at IKEA.  The place made me too vertiginous.

3.  I mailed the forms I needed to have filled out for PERS and before I put them in the mail,  I had a couple of small questions and Aaron answered them with professionalism and good cheer. 

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