Friday, October 24, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 10/23/14: Lotsa Walking, Sube is Safe, Wendy's Settles the Nerves

1.  It was a great day for the corgis and me and our walking.  I dropped the Subaru off at the shop for a state inspection and the dogs and I walked from the shop to the lake, a new route for us, and around the lake, before heading home and then we walked back to the shop when the car was ready.  I'll just say that from Oct. 1 to Oct 20 my weight dropped seven pounds, according to scales in the docs' offices, and my blood pressure readings at home have been really good.

2.  The Subaru passed, needing only a bulb for a buck and a half and is now Maryland State Certified Safe and I can go to the Maryland Vehicles Administration and get the car registered and secure a state driver's license.  That's Friday's project.

3.  The Deke was pretty worn out after school and needed help unwinding late this afternoon -- I know this because she requested a hamburger.  So, I hustled down to Wendy's and picked up one for each of us, with no cheese, and brought home the magic Wendy's quarter pound relaxant.  It was kind of fun and once we dressed the burgers at home to our liking, they weren't too bad.  Once.

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