Saturday, October 11, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 10/10/14: Corgis Sniffing, Starts Making Sense, Co-op Hoop Talk

1.  I leashed up the corgis and it was back to Greenbelt Lake and fine walk all the way around it on a gray and sprinkly morning.    The dogs were especially sniffy this morning and I was aided by a thing I read online called seven things (or maybe it was six) your dog hates about you.  One of them was yanking the dog forward when she sniffs.  So I never stop the dogs from sniffing grass, tree bases, ivy, street signs, or anything else when we walk.  The sniffing stimulates them, engages them, and, I hope, keeps them from hating me!

2.  I drove the Deke's paycheck out to a shared branch of the credit union and gave myself a figurative pat on the back that I knew exactly how to get there, knew why I was turning left or right on the roads and streets I turned on, and started to feel more and more at home with the lay of the land in Greenbelt and Beltsville.  What's next?  Getting a sense of Laurel?

3.  I'm liking the Co-op more and more each time I go.  Maybe it has, in part, to do with the number of customers who are in their sixties or seventies, gray, male, and not moving with the same briskness of their (our) youth.  This evening a bonus:  two guys got into a discussion about the National Basketball Association one aisle over while I was grinding coffee beans.  They were having a friendly argument about LaBron and their conversation moved to players who don't or didn't live up and the one guy rattled off quite an impressive riff on the failures of Eddy Curry -- I fact checked some of what he said -- Eddy's not from Philly as the shopper claimed -- but right, wrong, or otherwise, I didn't want their discussion to end.  It was like Kenny Smith had taken a job at the Co-op and in came Fred Carter to talk some hoops.

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