Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 10/06/14: First French Press Morning, Wired, Bringing Home the Corgis

1.  After going to bed at 7:30 on Sunday night, the Deke and I got to sleep a little later than when we lived in Alexandria and didn't have to brace ourselves for another drive on the Capital Beltway.  We relaxed over our first French press coffee since leaving Eugene and I drove the Deke the approximately eight minutes it takes to get to her school from our apartment. 

2.  Monica from Verizon stopped by, took her tool box into the closet with all the electronics boxes and wires and connections and, while conducting personal business on the phone in her ear ("it was her choice to go to Baltimore and she didn't have to kick that door in"), got us all hooked up on the internet.  She helped me do this and that and get our security key figured out and now we are wired.

3.  I drove to Molly and Hiram's again, this time to bring Maggie and Charly to our apartment.  For me, this is the most nerve wracking part of our moving into an apartment because the dogs can get excited and bark loudly and I don't want to bother our neighbors.  They had some moments, but once the Deke got home and we decided on some ways to do things, not only did the dogs settle down, but I started to relax a bit more about the situation. 

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