Monday, October 20, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 10/19/14: Holy Cross Worship, Chilly Photo Stroll, The Deke is Back

1.  I drove, with much more ease, to Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Dunn Loring, and, like last week, had that great feeling of being spiritually at home again within the liturgy of the Eucharistic Rite II.  Again, I knew my fellow parishioners at St. Mary's 8:00 service were in worship at the same time and I felt bonded with them.  I saw Rev. Betsy Tesi again, a great comfort and a joy.  A parishioner of Holy Cross gave the sermon.  It was the best stewardship sermon I've ever heard. Desire.  Decision. Discipline. Delight.  I hope I'll always remember it.

2.  I took a windy, chilly photo stroll around Greenbelt Lake without the corgis.  They are at Molly and Hiram's until Monday afternoon and so my stroll was much more leisurely and I had time to stop and try out taking some pictures that would be difficult to do with them tugging on the leash.  I haven't looked at the pictures yet, but I will soon and am eager to see how they came out.

3.  I made it just fine to Reagan Airport and picked up the Deke after her awesome weekend in Chicago and with only one inexplicable hiccup, one period of trouble getting out of the Reagan maze, got home safely.  If I go to Reagan again, especially at night, I know what mistake not to repeat -- and how to compensate within my head for some lousy signage at the airport's exit.

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