Friday, October 10, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 10/09/14: Pictures of Greenbelt Lake, Fun Conversation, Back to Panuxent

1.  Maggie and Charly and I walked the circumference of Greenbelt Lake twice today.  The second time I put my Canon S95 on my belt and took the best pictures I could while having two corgis on the leash.  I look forward to when I go to the lake without the dogs and can pause and try to set up some shots, but these were taken quickly.  Here are a few of them, especially for you who didn't/can't see my Facebook album.  I hope this helps you see what a splendid park I live within minutes of:

2.  While I was walking Maggie and Charly the second time around Greenbelt Lake, a lively woman also carrying a small camera stopped me to ask me if I'd seen the hawk (I hadn't) and then she told me about pictures of birds she had taken.  I lit up when she told me she'd photographed a cormorant. I wanted to tell her all about my great experience taking pictures of cormorants at Delta Ponds in Eugene, but I kept my mouth shut and listened to what this friendly woman had to say about her son's photography and the huge lenses he uses to photograph birds.  I realized that I'd paid so much attention to the dogs while walking them, that I hadn't paid much attention to the birds of the lake.

3.  I also took Charly and Maggie to the Panuxent Research Refuge to begin looking around and finding trails.  We found a very short trail that featured a series of exhibits of the stories of pioneers in nature conservation in the U.S.A.  It was like an outdoor conservation Hall of Fame.  I didn't take my camera -- I will in the future.

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