Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 12/02/14: Stew Worked, Fruitcake Production, Mom's Meals

1.  I'm happy to report that the London broil stew that cooked all night in the crock pot made a delicious dinner for Mom and me.  I also made some cornbread muffins and a green salad.  I was especially pleased that the beef was so tender and easy to eat.

2.  Today was fruitcake day and Mom and I joined forces to get the ingredients prepared for the batter and then I became the designated stir-er and I helped drop spoonfuls of batter into the fruitcake loaf pans.  The fruitcake baked beautifully and after it cooled, Mom enriched the loaves with brandy.

3.  After dinner, I made beef stroganoff in preparation for my trip to Oregon on December 3.  Mom will have some ready to eat dinners while I'm gone:  leftover cabbage and Polish sausage, leftover London broil stew, and beef stroganoff.  It helps me feel more at peace about leaving for a week to know Mom has some of her meals already prepared.

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