Friday, December 12, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 12/08/14: Catching Up with Linda, LCC Quick Stop, Dinner Party Ghosts

1.  Linda and I had a lot of catching up to do.  It had been months since I popped up in her cubicle and kept her from getting work done by gabbing with her about the Ducks and other topics in our frequent sports talk conversations.  Today we got together at Turtles and each ordered a huge bucket of chicken noodle soup and talked and talked about all kinds of stuff, ranging from family matters to Ducks basketball and football.  We even talked a tiny bit about LCC, but kept away from that subject for the most part.  We had a fantastic time and pretty much got everything figured out that needed figuring.

2.  I knew when Linda gave me a ride back to LCC, that Jeff would be in his office so I dropped in to talk about the scintillating Showcase and I enjoyed all the enthusiasm he had for it -- and enjoyed talking about other things as well.  I figured I'd have a chance surprise meeting or two with old friends while at LCC briefly and I was not disappointed.  I saw and got to embrace both Hyla and Jose.

3.  Rita and I were guests at a gorgeous lasagna dinner party at Pam and Mike's.  For a good period of time, the conversation turned to oral history as Rita and I shared our experiences with learning communities at LCC, stretching back over twenty years and ending at the end of fall 1999 when Rita retired.  Many ghosts, some friendly, some nasty visited Pam and Mike's lovely new home as we dug into those memories and told our stories.

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