Friday, December 26, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 12/25/14: Sweet Rolls, Santa's Little Helper, Back to the USA

1.  Our Christmas Day began with some orangy, brown sugary sweet rolls out of the bundt pan that Christy made and gave our day a sweet start.

2.  Christy was also the chief bartender for Christmas Day.  I could have had a Candy Cane Martini or a Dirty Shirley, but I opted for Santa's Little Helper.  To make it, on Christmas Eve, Christy soaked cinnamon sticks, cloves, and cranberries in Evan Williams bourbon.  To make the drink on Christmas, she mixed three parts of the infused bourbon with one part Triple Sec and some 7Up.  She garnished this winter warmer with cranberries.  I took one drink 7of this tasty cocktail and immediately asked for a little for 7Up and then slowly made my way to the bottom of the glass.  It was not only really delicious, but it was a fine Christmas Day sedative in case the holiday was rattling my nerves -- which it wasn't -- so my already calm demeanor simply got calmer.  Wow!

3.  Carol cooked a very moist prime rib and Yorkshire pudding with a delicious horseradish sauce and we also had a fine vegetable and relish plate, a very tasty potato dish that Christy made, and a cranberry-grape-walnut-whipping cream salad that Mom made, and some red wine:  it all made for a hearty Christmas dinner and was perfectly topped off, later in the afternoon, by a slice of pecan pie with coffee bolstered with a splash of the infused bourbon.  We definitely came back to the U.S.A. after a Christmas Even in Morocco!

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