Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 12/29/14: Slip Slidin' in Kellogg, Friendly Help, Helping Mom

1.  Arctic hell winds have returned to Kellogg.  Temperatures are dropping and will continue to drop. I ran errands and, for the first time in years, drove Mom's car on the compact snow and ice of the scraped streets of Kellogg and managed the car just fine when I slid a couple of times.

2.  I appreciated the friendly and eager to help assistance the woman at the Post Office and the pharmacist and his assistant at Yoke's pharmacy gave me today, helping me finally get my Christmas packages mailed and getting another prescription transfer underway.

3.  After several days of her kids cooking in the kitchen, Mom's kitchen floor was in need of a good mopping and I took care of it after I watered Mom's house plants   These are routine tasks that Mom's sciatica pain and arthritis make difficult and she was pleased that I got them done.  We were also pleased that we had more leftovers to eat for dinner.  We are doing a good job emptying the refrigerator and having good food as well.  Emptying the refrigerator means a lot to Mom and I've been happy to help!

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