Saturday, December 20, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 12/19/14: Duh!, Popcorn Balls, Nalley's Chili

1.  So.  I'm all about helping Mom save money and so today I drove uptown to Wells Fargo to pay her bank credit card.  It saved postage.

I decided to go to the drive up station, which is across the street from the bank itself.  I arrived and sat in the car behind a person whose transaction took quite a while, but that was okay.  It gave me some time to meditate upon all I'd learned over the last few days about Christmas from the Hallmark channel.

My turn came and I put the bill and the check in the tube thing and put it in the machine that sucks it over to the bank.

I sat.  I thought about how Christmas isn't about commercialization.  I found myself wondering if we really do have guardian angels in our lives.  I let images of how healthy and good looking all the characters in Hallmark movies are dance in my head.  I contemplated how, in Hallmark movies, people say things like Christmas carols make Christmas food taste better, I just let the transaction be slow.  I figured it's the way things go at Wells Fargo Bank, Kellogg, Idaho.

The image of my favorite teller Jimmie came on the screen just outside the driver's side window of Mom's Malibu.

"Sir, please send your transaction over."

I suddenly realized I had put the bill and the check in the tube, but . . .

So I pushed the "send" button.

That sped things up.

2.  Mom and I got the popcorn ball assembly line set up.  First, we made red peppermint balls and then a batch of carmel popcorn balls.  It was an aromatic and tasty way to spend the afternoon.

3.  I had a package of chicken drumsticks all ready to prepare, but Mom, knowing that Ed and I were going to go play in Worley, suggested that we have the chicken tomorrow and have Nalley's chili tonight.  She really likes chili out of the can, and, it turns out, so do I.  So we had a quick dinner of Nalley's chili and we finished off the loaf of sourdough bread and enjoyed slices of Tillamook sharp cheese and ate some pineapple and cottage cheese.  Mom helped Ed and me get on the road more quickly and it was a relief to do some easy dinner prep after all the kitchen work the popcorn balls required.

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Nita Jo said...

I still love reading your blog, though I don't drop by like I used to. Loved the bank trip! Thanks for the laugh! I also decided what we're having for dinner. Nalley's chili, sourdough and sharp cheddar! Paul received a jar of home canned peaches from someone on his mail route, so we'll have that in place of the pineapple. Perhaps it was divine inspiration that brought me here tonight. We could not make up our minds on dinner. ;)