Monday, December 15, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 12/14/14: Worship in Comfort, Pictures -- Finally, Smart Diners

1.  Last Saturday, Carol and Mom went to a holiday tea at Mountain View Congregational Church across the street and Carol took Mom into the sanctuary and suggested she sit in one of the pews and see if it was comfortable for her, to see if she could get out of the pew all right.  Mom discovered the pews worked for her.  Therefore, Mom and I went to church together this morning and I think this will become more regular for Mom.  I'm very grateful to Carol for taking Mom on this little side trip at the church so that she knows that she can worship and be comfortable.

2.  I have only taken pictures twice since leaving Greenbelt on Nov. 5.  It's hard to explain.  I can't explain why I take so few pictures in Kellogg -- in fact, I haven't taken a single picture in Kellogg.  I took a few, however, over Thanksgiving at Martin Creek/Lake Roosevelt and Russell and I went on a photo stroll on December 7.  This afternoon, I finally looked at these pictures and here is one from Lake Roosevelt and one from the stroll with Russell that I liked:

Lake Roosevelt

Leaves on the Trail Near Autzen Stadium

3.  Mom and I are making the best possible use of the food we have on hand.  Tonight we ate chicken thighs leftover from Friday and I cooked up the Brussel sprouts that we still had from Thanksgiving and we made another dent in the leftover cranberry sauce and I augmented a green salad we've been working on with slices of radishes that we have now used up that have lasted us quite a while.

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