Thursday, December 11, 2014

Three (Is Not Enough) Beautiful Things 12/05/14: Generosity, Meeting Marcee, Stein, Coffee, Overtime, Pub Crawl

1.  It's a deep pleasure to be staying at Rita's in Creswell during this week visiting in Eugene and this morning Rita served us quiche and granola and we launched into conversation about the Symphony last night and about countless other topics we have on our minds after all this years of having taught together and being such dear friends.

2.  I was tingling with anticipation:  this morning I met Marcee Long, with whom I would serve as the co-narrator for the New Shakespeare Showcase.  I love that Sparky decided to turn what had been a one person gig -- and I've been that person for a while -- into a man/woman gig and I was eager to find out how Marcee and I would get along and how the script would sound once we got to reading it aloud.  It could not have been a more perfect meeting.  Marcee is generous, gifted, receptive, eager to work, a lover of language, and a good sport, open to joking around while working hard.  From the very beginning of our read through, we nailed the narration and I left her house with full confidence that we would make our part of the show sparkle with good energy that would help bring the whole show and the scenes being performed come alive.

3.  Before my next social engagement, I had a little extra time.  I'd been a little bit anxious that I might not squeeze in a visit to the Bier Stein, but Marcee and I were done in plenty of time before my two o'clock "appointment" that I had time to drop in and have a couple sour beers.  I loved sitting at the horseshoe bar again and I was really happy that Sarah was my server.  I don't think she realized I had moved away (and I didn't tell her).  Instead, we picked right up with the friendly conversation we've always had, enjoyed a laugh or two, and I relaxed, enjoying how much other customers were enjoying themselves and how much I love the Bier Stein.

4.  For many many years, as regularly as we can, Michael, Jeff, MB, and I have been meeting for coffee and wide-ranging conversation about our own lives, things we are thinking about, movies, reading we've done, teaching, our jobs, and any number of other things.  We reunited today and it was two hours of love expressed through open conversation and deep listening -- and some really good laughs.

5.  I wasn't expecting this at all:  Michael and Margaret and I went into overtime and extended our talk at the coffeehouse by motoring over to Billy Mac's for a beer and a bite to eat and more deeply engaging conversation.

6.  It was time to dive into the Fermentation District, into the Whiteaker neighborhood and crawl to pubs with the Troxstar and Loren.  I had to have a Citrus Mistress IPA so we braved the roars of Duck fans in two TV rooms and had a beer and then we went to Oakshire where it was much quieter and I enjoyed a winter ale and the conversations we had.  The Troxstar and I, for the sake of old times, went to the Pour House for an ESB and enjoyed sitting at the bar, downing one last pint, and cracking wise.  We walked back to his place and I flopped on the couch, saving myself some serious buzz driving!

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