Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 12/23/14: Beer Talk with Deke, I Don't Have a Beard, Chitter-Chatter at Noah's

1.  Deke called me from what she said was "a Whole Foods-like store" in (or near) Nyack to ask me about beer we had or hadn't consumed this summer.  I told the Deke that I was not in "a Whole Foods-like store".  I was in the parking lot at Yoke's.  In Kellogg.

2.  I'd already been to Stein's where I had gabbed with Barney and then yakked with Abby when I arrived at Yoke's and had a good visit with our longtime family friend Rosie. Then Donnie, her husband, arrived, and hit me with his classic line:  "Jesus Christ, Billy, I didn't know who you were without all that hair on your face." 

3.  Christy and her KHS Class of '73 friends, Dawn and Chris, let me join them for lunch at Noah's Canteen and I enjoyed a couple of huckleberry margaritas and three beef sliders.  I enjoyed how much my sister and her friends enjoyed each other and happily served as photographer to capture the moment, although I wasn't as at home snapping pictures with their pocket computer/cameras, a.k.a. phones, as I am with a camera, but I think the pictures turned out just fine.

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