Saturday, December 27, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 12/26/14: Crally Makes Me Beam, Sib Talk, Searching for Light in the Darkness

1.  Christy and I went over to Carol's early in the afternoon to have some sibling time together, and, much to our surprise, Kellee (Crally) Mills and her daughter, Megan, were in the house, soon to be joined by Mike and Melanie, Crally's husband and other daughter.  Crally laughed at me being a dope, saying dopey things so we could laugh, and so did Megan.  I had settled down a bit by the time Melanie and Mike arrived.  I really appreciated that they were good sports with my joking around and enjoyed having time to enjoy what good people the Mills are.  I've known Crally since she was a little girl, but today was the most I've been around her in a long, long time.  She and her family made me beam.  I liked that.

2.  The time Christy, Carol, and I had together was fruitful.  We talked about our care for Mom once I return to Maryland and it's a great joy to me to know that we will continue to do all we can to help Mom out and help keep Mom's spirits up.  Before we talked, I knew we'd work together to help Mom and it was heartening to talk it out for a while.  We also talked about the writing we've done together and I think the world will see the return of our Sibling Assignments.

3.  Today was Day 3 of our family getting together for dinner.  We did the sensible thing.  We had a good supply of leftovers from the Moroccan Christmas Eve dinner and from our USA prime rib dinner on Christmas, so we dove into leftovers and the food seemed even better after aging a day or two.  After dinner, Christy, Carol, Mom, and I toured the dreary streets of Kellogg in search of houses with Christmas lights and every once in a while the darkness was broken by hearty souls who decorated their houses and yards.  They were few and far between, though.  We all seemed to remember a time when Kellogg was more lit up.  Was it?

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