Saturday, December 13, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 12/12/14: Easy Cash, The Spirit of Kellogg, The Tree is Up

1.  You might remember that the last time I took a check to Wells Fargo in uptown Kellogg to cash that I had to see three tellers, show my drivers license and passport, and was on the verge of being electronically thumb printed when suddenly the second teller I saw realized I am on Mom's account. Today, I went to this same bank to cash a check for Mom and I stepped up to Jimmie's station and told her that I had a check to cash and that I was on the account.  Jimmie remembered me!  The transaction was a snap!  Jimmie dished out the cash Mom needed in no time and I was on my way. Yes!

2.  Friday is always shop the ads day for Mom at Yoke's and Stein's and I did the shopping today. Every day when I go out in Kellogg, it saddens me to see how many broken down people are out, struggling with canes, often gray-faced, sometimes stooped over.  My home town has lost much of its vitality. But, it hasn't lost its friendliness.  Today I was moved by Jimmie's friendliness at the bank, by kidding around with the Yoke's pharmacist, and by the kind words Donna, at Yoke's, had so say about Mom.  Kellogg is aging in every way:  not just the people, but the sidewalks and streets and buildings are showing cracks and wear.  But, the spirit of friendliness and goodwill endures.

3.  Mom's artificial tree is a pole with slots and you stick the branches into the slots.  I remembered that last year we packed the tree very carefully, with the color-coded branches for each level tied together and a tag saying what color they are.  Our careful work paid off and getting the tree put together was a breeze.  Of course, one of the strings of lights didn't work and we'll need to deal with that tomorrow. Tomorrow is also garland and ornaments day.  We'll figure that stuff out, no problem: the key fact:  the tree is up!

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