Thursday, December 11, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 12/06/14: Ian's Bow Tie, Tech/Dress Rehearsal Lifts Me Up, I Loved the Showcase

I've looked forward to this day for months.  When I knew I'd be coming to Kellogg for an extended stay, I emailed Sparky to see if I could be a part of the New Shakespeare Showcase.  I longed to stay with this project that the two of us started twenty-three years ago at LCC.  Sparky said, "yes" and so I bought my Spokane to Portland ticket and planned a week's visit to Eugene and Creswell.  Today the day arrived.  We would be presenting another Showcase, now at the Wildish Theater in Springfield, now with community actors and no students, now under the auspices of Fools Haven, Sparky's performance company.  The Shakespeare Showcase is old, but now it is new and I was bubbling with anticipation to get going with it.

1.  The Troxstar and I went to Brails for breakfast and we had some fine food and much fine rapport and many entertaining moments with Ian, who has been the man for us at Brails for a long time.  By the way, Ian looked spiffy with his bow tie. No one else at Brails was wearing one.  He was unique. And spiffy.

2.  Tech/dress rehearsals are arduous and today's was no exception.  I love the ardor.  I love the rough edges being smoothed.  I love the confidence I gain that the tech stuff is getting worked out and, while it might be rough in the afternoon, will be smooth in the evening when we give our show.  Marcee and I worked together again and we were right on.  My comfort with Marcee increased and I made adjustments so that I would be more comfortable with the microphone and with handling my script.  Rehearsal was also reunion time.  I hadn't seen Michelle or Dylan or AnnMarie or Julia and others for quite a while and I loved being at work with them again, especially after being in other shows together in the past.

3.  The New Shakespeare Showcase was a stellar success.  We had a great audience of nearly 200 people, a magnificent surprise.  Marcee and I were tight, we had fun, and we made it clear that we loved our words and enjoyed working with each other.  This thrilled me.  The audience was alive to our show, the actors had a blast and performed beautifully, and the whole night shimmered with excitement and goodness.  I met up with Rita and her friend Linda after the show at Planktown Brewing a few blocks from the Wildish where my already high spirits were elevated more by the square dancing underway and seeing so many from the cast enjoying each other at a large table.  This as great a night for me as the Babes with Axes reunion concert back in March and I never thought the joy I felt that night would ever be matched.

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