Thursday, December 11, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 12/03/14: Talking About Mom, Good Guy at Alaska, TROXSTAR/Souza Reunion and a BONUS

1.  I was grateful this afternoon that my sister Carol gave me a ride to the Spokane Airport (GEG) so I could fly to Portland (PDX).  I'm concerned about Mom while I'm gone and Carol and I had a good talk about what Mom needs from us kids, how we need to offer it and not be asked, and how everything any one of us kids does for Mom strengthens our entire family by alleviating anxiety, building trust, and boosting Mom's morale.

2.  The agent at the Alaska Airline desk was under some duress because he was trying to help customers while a remodel project was going on all around him.  When I presented my bag to be checked in, he sheepishly reminded me it would be twenty-five bucks, and I told him, "No sweat.  It's a small price to pay for the convenience of walking on the plane with nothing to carry or concern myself with."  I was being sincere.  He laughed and looked relieved that I was into paying the fee and appreciative of what I was paying for.  We smiled our way through his printer being slow and the rest of our transaction and genuinely wished each other a good day.

3.  OMG!  No, really!  Yesterday I had a text exchange with the Troxstar, and (OMG!) found out he would be in Oregon City at the same time I landed at PDX -- and that he would be having a few beers at one of Oregon's finest establishments:  The Highland Stillhouse, a favorite joint of mine, of Byrdman, of the Troxstar, and of T. Turner.  And guess who else would there?  Jon Souza!  What a great way to begin my Oregon visit, no, what I meant was, what an awesome way to start my Oregon visit!

BONUS:  The beginning of my Oregon visit only got better when I left the Highland Stillhouse and drove to Terry Turner's where he served me a bowl of sweet potato soup and poured me an awesome single malt scotch and we stayed up past midnight, talking with Nancy until she went to bed, and then continued gabbing between ourselves as if we were a couple of old Silver Valley guys who knew what they were talking about.  And we did.

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