Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 12/30/14: I Got Pills, Morale Boost for Mom, Pizza Party!

1.  I braved the arctic invasion that is dropping the Kellogg temperatures into the single digits (still above zero, though) and drove to Yoke's to discover that the transfer of one of my prescriptions succeeded and I have all my medicines again.  I really like it when things work out.

2.  This was a physically painful day for Mom, but it was a good day for her morale.  The first boost occurred when Susan and Joe dropped by for a visit and Mom (and I) enjoyed some good conversation about all kinds of things, including the details of how Mom's teaching career began in Weippe back in 1951, where she had over 30 children in a combo 2nd/3rd grade class and lived all by herself in a tiny apartment in the upstairs of Weippe resident's home.

3.  Pizza party!  Mom's morale boost got a second boost when Carol, Paul, Cosette, and Molly came over for pizza from Yoke's, which we all enjoyed, and for a viewing of the Kennedy Center Honors. I went to bed as the Kennedy Center Honors show was getting underway, but I could tell from the laughter I could hear upstairs as I fell asleep that Mom was having a great time with the Roberts family.

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