Thursday, September 3, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 09/02/15: Not at the Last Minute, Arriving at the Ayotte House, Ted in Repose

1. I dropped Patrick and the Deke off at Kohl's not far from chez Diaz and drove over to Molly and Hiram's to drop off the dogs.  They forgot the dogs were coming over and had gone on a shopping safari. LUCKILY, the Deke, Patrick, and I were not running late or even at the last minute and we had some wiggle room in our plan to arrive in Metuchen, NJ about 4:00.  I took the dogs for a walk and not long after the corgis and I got back to chez Diaz, the Diaz family arrived, I dropped off the dogs, and picked up Patrick and the Deke at the shopping center and we were off to New Jersey to honor and mourn the life and death of Ted Ayotte.

2.  We arrived at the Ayotte house shortly after 4:00 and soon Sally, Adrienne and other family members returned from the first viewing of Ted in repose at the funeral home.  We embraced each other. Conversations grew out of our love for each other and our grief at losing Ted. We ate the generous gifts of food spread out in the kitchen.

3.  Patrick, the Deke, and I went to the evening viewing of Ted lying in a coffin, dressed in a police uniform, all the kindness and good cheer drained from him by death, but his unflappable calm in life was almost magnified by his being dead. The Deke and I knelt at his coffin. I prayed, shed tears, and remembered how much I enjoyed Ted, many moments of our brief friendship flashing before my eyes.

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