Thursday, September 24, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 09/23/15: Helping the Blind to See, The Pope Talks Baseball?, T. S. Eliot Enchiladas

1.  One funny problem with choosing new frames for my glasses is that when I put on the frames, I can't really see in the mirror what I look like. I took several selfies in Costco, but I'm an inexperienced selfy taker and none of the pictures helped me that much. When I came to the counter with a couple of frames, the woman helping me was kind. She told me I didn't look good in the frames I'd chosen and then she helped me find a couple others. I decided to put my full faith and trust in her observations and evaluation.

2.  With Uncle Rex and Uncle Hiram in town, the Deke and I went to chez Diaz for dinner, and, as we like to do, we went to the Quench Tap Room first where the Pope was on CNN, celebrating Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Brookland, Washington D. C. The sound was off the television showing the Pope.  The television featuring commentators talking about the Orioles/Nationals series had the volume on.  Ah!  Theater of the absurd.

3. With Uncle Rex as sous chef and Uncle Hiram as the chef in charge, they combined forces to make the best enchiladas I've ever eaten in my life. They featured turkey and a sweetish, chocolatey, chili peppery mole sauce as well as a creamy white sauce, unlike any sauce for enchiladas I've ever known of, let alone eaten. While Uncle Hiram rolled the meat into the tortillas, he and I recited passages aloud from T. S. Eliot and Shakespeare, adding a layer of literary mirth to an already festive evening. Alas, Uncle Hiram and Uncle Rex head back to Miami on Thursday morning -- we hope they'll return soon for another visit.

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