Friday, September 25, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 09/24/15: Easy Drive, Jack's School, Swimming for Pizza and Ice Cream

1. The drive from Greenbelt to Nyack was easy, familiar. Two things made the miles go by enjoyably.  First, until I lost radio contact in the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel, I enjoyed the Pope's address to Congress.  Second, although  I couldn't keep up with every detail, I learned a lot listening to lectures on cd about the Hebrew Bible.

2.  About ninety minutes after I arrived at Adrienne's place, she picked me up and we visited Jack's school, a perfectly peaceful older house on a wooded property with ample play areas and cooling shade. When we arrived, Jack was working on making paper jack o'lantern faces. After he finished up, he took us inside the house and showed us other things he had made.

3. From school, we went to Jack's swimming lesson at a huge aquatic facility in a local middle school and rewarded Jack for his participation with a slice of pizza and an bowl of ice cream.

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