Monday, September 21, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 09/20/15: Returning Home, Dilly Dallyin' at Costco, A New Office?

This is my 3200th post on kellogg bloggin'.....

1.  We'd been away from St. John's Episcopal Church the last two Sundays thanks to travel and post-travel fatigue. Returning this morning to the familiar words of the liturgy, the hearty Passing of the Peace,  processing to the front of the church for the laying on of hands and, later, for communion was a return to my spirit's home.

2.  It was fun shopping at a dilly dally pace today at Costco, checking out everything from pork tenderloin to mini cream puffs to feta cheese, not buying any of them, but looking, and enjoying the staggering variety of shoppers from all over the world and buying ground beef and buns and tomatoes for tonight's burger fry at the Diaz home, as well as some other food with dinners this week, like Tuscan Chicken Stew -- I am eager to get going on it on Monday!

3. Some of you might know or might remember that the Deke used to leave work at Charlemagne in Eugene and take stacks of papers to be graded to 16 Tons or Cornucopia or Billy Mac's and grade them while drinking a glass of wine or a pint of beer. She called each place, "My Office".  The Deke has not found a place to call, "My Office" here in Greenbelt -- not the Marriott Hotel bar, not Chevy's, not TGI Friday's, not (though this could change) the Old Line Bistro. But, today, she and I went to the Quench Tap Room.  It's about ten minutes from Molly and Hiram's house and as we got settled in at the bar, each with a pint of beer, the Deke pulled out a stack of papers and said, "I'm gonna work on these."


I turned my attention to the Eagles and the Cowboys -- and then the Ravens and the Raiders -- and the Deke graded away.  When it was time to leave, we piled into the Subaru and The Deke said, "That was great! It was like I was at The Office again. That's how I like to work."


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