Monday, September 7, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 09/06/15: Brunch at the East Bank Club, Visiting at Aunt Susie's, We Can't Leave!

1.  The Deke's brother, Brian, father of the groom, hosted a hearty brunch at the athletic club he belongs to:  the East Bank Club. The bagels, cold salmon, pastries, and Florentine eggs benedict I ate were delicious and it was, by all I could see, a perfect way to wind down a weekend full of energy and fun.

2.  After brunch, the Deke and I piled ourselves and our stuff back into the Subaru and drove to Battle Ground, IN to visit Aunt Susie at her house and to see Susie's daughter, Lisa, her son Luke, and her partner, Donna, all of whom we knew were coming over.  We had another great family time with everyone, tempered by the fact that Susie is recovering from a spell with cancer and is in a lot of pain from other things ailing her. But she was determined to enjoy our company and we had a lovely visit.

3.  Originally, the Deke and I were going to visit for an hour or two and then drive for another four hours so that our drive back to Greenbelt on Monday would be shorter.  But, we didn't want to leave Aunt Susie or Lisa or Donna or Luke, so we spent the night and decided that we would just grit our teeth and push through the long drive on Monday!

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Nini said...

I'm glad to hear you made the decision to stay overnight, I'm sure that did more good for Aunt Susie than any medicine could.