Saturday, September 19, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 09/18/15: Creamy Tomato Spinach Sauce, Beer Heaven at Bluejacket, Blanket Fort

1.  Those of you who are faithful readers of Three Beautiful Things might remember that Thursday evening, when the Deke and I arrived at our apartment home after a couple of Troegs Knife Hop ales at Old Line weBistro, we flippantly threw off all sense of dinner decorum and common sense and I popped us popcorn for dinner.  Well, today, knowing I was going into D. C. and would eat in our nation's capital, I made the sauce for the dinner that elbowed out by popcorn.  I sauteed some onion and garlic, added diced tomatoes and tomato paste and water, folded in cream cheese and Parmesan cheese, seasoned this sauce with oregano, basil, red pepper flakes, salt, and black pepper, and then added a bunch of spinach leaves.  I made creamy tomato spinach sauce, put it in the ice box, and the Deke picked it up after school and drove over to the Diazes and enjoyed this sauce over spaghetti with Molly.

2. Why didn't Molly and the Deke enjoy it with Hiram?  Because I met up with Hiram in the Yards, a shiny uppish scale restaurant/apartment/retail/fitness center development close to the Anacostia River located between Navy Yard and  the Nationals' baseball park. Ever since I moved to this area, I've wanted to drink the beer brewed at Bluejacket, a brewery famous for its wide variety of beer styles brewed in house, served on site (IPA, sours, kolsch, lagers, stout, gose, berliner weisse, schwartzbier).  You can peruse their tap list, here.  So, it was taster time.  I enjoyed four oz tasters of ten of their beers and every single one triggered my ecstasy. Yes.  They were that good. Bluejacket doesn't distribute their beer.  You gotta go to their joint to drink it. No problem. I just have to jump on the green line Metro at Greenbelt station and ride the train to Navy Yard, walk a couple of blocks and I'm there. Hiram and I very efficiently figured out everything that needed figuring out over these beers and enjoyed snacks: hot sauce and bleu cheese over tater tots, a plate of hot chicken wings, and a cold charcuterie.

3.  Hiram and I arrived back at chez Diaz and I thrilled at the sight of David and Olivia's blanket fort in the tv room.  Awsome.  Just Awesome.

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