Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 09/25/15: Driving to Massachusetts, Pu Pu Platter, Keeley and Linguica Pizza

1.  I bid Adrienne and Jack farewell this morning and drove across the Tappan Zee Bridge to the junction with I-95 and slowly made my way through Connecticut, wishing I could stop and visit the Eugene O'Neill sites, drove through Rhode Island, and descended south to West Wareham, Mass., where the Troxstar had just finished moving firewood to his parents' backyard and greeted me with directions not to park too close to the mailbox where his brother's rental car had been smashed into some time in the not too distant past.

While I drove, I listened to lectures on cd from a series called The Modern Scholar entitled, "How to Listen to and Appreciate Jazz". I followed these lectures while driving much better than I could follow "The Hebrew Bible".  Jazz's history is not quite as long.

2.  The Troxstar's mom and dad (Elinor and Ernie) treated Randy and me to a Pu Pu platter at the Orchid of Hawaii in Lakeville, Mass., a staggeringly generous collection of spare ribs, chicken wings, egg rolls, won tons, and more.

3. Starting about six years ago, I became friends with several of the Troxstar's friends he grew up with and went to high school with in Middleborough, MA.  This evening I met one of these friends: Keeley. She is a dynamic fifth grade teacher, the Troxstar's pen pal, and most enjoyable to get to know.  She met the Troxstar and me at the Boston Tavern and after a beer or two we visited Oliver's Mill Park, a park created out of the remains of an 18th century industrial complex.  While there, we ran into Tony Coelho, whose sister, Allison, is another Facebook friend from Middleborough.

We ended our evening at the packed and happy Central Cafe in Middleborough where the Troxstar and Keeley introduced me to Linguica sausage pizza, one pie with ground Linguica, the other with sliced, and it was awesome.

I loved meeting and talking with Keeley. My visit got off to a really good start.

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