Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 09/14/15: Parents to the Rescue, Dr. Madsen a Year Later, Lamar and Lamb Sliders

1.  It might be that the bloom is slowly coming off the rose -- that a sleepover at Nana's and Grandpa's isn't quite the epic adventure it was just a few months ago.  If so, no problem.  We live in a mutable world and children can especially mutable! Not long after waking up, Olivia whined, maybe even cried a bit, about wanting to go home; she pushed the Deke to please hurry up and shower so they could get going back to the Diaz home.  But, the Deke didn't have to hustle. Unexpectedly, Molly and Hiram and Ana came to our apartment home to pick up David and Olivia. David and Olivia jumped with joy at the arrival of their mom and dad and sister. I couldn't help but wonder if they might have felt different this morning if I'd made popcorn to begin the day.  Ha!

2.  My eyesight has not significantly diminished, according to my favorite optometrist, Dr. Catherine Madsen at the Beltsville Costco Vision Center, and so I will continue to move through the world with the same prescription I've had for the last couple of years.  Dr. Madsen showed genuine interest in the health of my eyes and we had a good talk about my kidney disease as well.  I appreciated the interest she took in the whole picture of my well-being.  I appreciated Dr. Madsen's work a year ago and really enjoyed her again today.

3.  My eyes had to be dilated for some photographs, so I didn't want to drive to our apartment home right away.  Instead, I put on the funny plastic floppy sunglasses Dr. Madsen handed me, with a sheepish look, and made my way one parking lot over, on foot, to the Old Line Bistro.  I ordered three three mini-lamb sliders, dressed with tomato, cucumber, and tzatziki sauce, and a side of this joint's delicious home made potato chips and enjoyed a pint of the renowned (deservedly so) Bell's Two-Hearted Ale.  The bartender, Lamar, and I talked some NFL football.  I closed out my lunch with a half pint of Cobbler Mountain Honey Cider, a light, apple-y, refreshing dessert. Lamar shook my hand when I left and told me it had been an honor and a pleasure to meet me and hoped I'd come back soon.  I think I will.

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