Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 09/07/15: Early Start, For the Sake of Family, Good Dogs

1.  The Deke and I got ourselves up and around, said good-bye to Aunt Susie, and were on the road before 7 a.m. with a drive from Battle Ground, IN to Greenbelt, MD ahead of us.

2. When we arrived in Maryland, the traffic started backing up and slowing down, with about a hundred miles still to go to Molly and Hiram's to pick up the dogs. At the uber crowded I-270 interchange, we decided to stay on I-70 and we made our way to Molly and Hiram's via Rt. 32 and, soon enough, Rt 29.  The traffic on this alternate route was uninterrupted saving us a lot of frustration, even if we added a few miles to our route. All the same, it was a thirteen hour driving day. We covered a lot of ground in six days -- emotionally and physically -- all for the sake of family.

3. At chez Diaz, Maggie and Charly were excited to see the Deke and when they arrived at our apartment home they enjoyed being back on the couch and soon relaxed in their familiar surroundings.  The Deke and I were very happy to learn that they had behaved very well at Molly and Hiram's and were never a problem.

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