Monday, September 7, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 09/05/15: Dick's Career Advice, Dick's Last Resort, Ben and Tana Are Wed

1. The Deke and I went shopping at Water Tower Place on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.  While I waited at Starbucks for the Deke to finish up, a guy named Dick, sitting with about six bags of books, told me how I could get a Shakespeare theater started in Greenbelt.  When I left, I entreated him to enjoy his reading, but he told me he didn't read: "These books are my oranges.  I squeezed them for their juice."

2.  In the afternoon, I strolled the Chicago River, dwarfed by skyscrapers seeming to rise out of the river itself and came upon Dick's Last Resort, an establishment I'd been to on the Riverwalk in San Antonio and had talked about with Ed, who also went to the San Antonio joint when he visited there. So, for old time's sake, I went into the Chicago version of Dick's Last Resort and drank a couple cheater pints of Little Sumpin' Sumpin' and ate a blackened chicken Caesar Salad and I texted Ed to tell him the Dick's Last Resort I was in was not as rowdy as the one in San Antonio, but that the scenery was good.

3. Ben and Tana got married at 6 o'clock at gallery 1038, a refashioned warehouse space in an industrial area on Goose Island in Chicago.   No longer a warehouse, it's now an upscale event space. About a hundred fifty people attended the ceremony and reception, replete with an open bar, catered dinner, and dance music provided by a dj. I had the misfortune, at about 8:00 or so, of figuratively hitting the wall.  After driving to New Jersey on Wednesday and attending the viewing and the funeral of Ted and driving to Chicago on Thursday and Friday and celebrating at the rehearsal dinner on Friday and walking around during the day on Saturday, I had to affix myself to a couch near the bar and be a sober spectator to all the mirth and merriment going on in the dance hall and around the bar. What I saw was beautiful, and I have to admit, I wish I'd been about twenty-five years younger with the stamina I used to have and been able to dance and whoop it up with the youngsters!

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