Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 09/26/15: Donuts and Humble Pie, Bog Lessons, The Gang's All Here

1.  After a bracing breakfast of a coffee cake muffin and a chocolate frosted raised donut and coffee at Dunkin Donuts, the Troxstar and I got together with Randy's brother, Roger, and nephew, Sam, and we hit some golf balls at the driving range and then went to Roger's house, shot the breeze, and listened to some Humble Pie.

2. Beth, a relative of the Troxstar, farms a cranberry bog and the Troxstar and I visited the bog today and I learned more than I ever knew about the growing, nurturing, harvesting, and selling of cranberries.  I learned about dry picking and wet picking.  I saw a berry picking machine in action. I even got to lend a hand to the operation and moved boxes of cranberries from the bog to the tractor that transported them and moved a few boxes to the sorting area.

3.  After a burger at Harry's, the Troxstar and I had a big night on Saturday.  We made our way to downtown Middleborough, poked around in Benny's (Your Favorite Store) and saw other sites before we met up with another longtime friend of Randy's and Facebook friend of mine:  Adam Swift.  We grabbed a table at the Central Cafe and had a great time talking, having a few laughs, and getting ourselves ready for the next stop.

At the Fireside Bar and Grille, we found more of the Troxstar's Middleborough friends at the bar -- Peter, Stephen, Chris, and Lee, all strangers to me, but I got introduced and enjoyed very much meeting them and shooting the breeze.

After we got a table, another Facebook friend I'd never met in person arrived: Amy, and her husband, Kirk.  Now the whole gang was present.  I knew my place as an outsider, and was happy these old friends to each other welcomed me into their get together and it was fun to briefly be a part of the Middleborough life the Troxstar has told me so much about over the years.

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