Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 09/22/15: Driving to Middleborough, Old Smart Phone, Meeting Uncle Hiram and Uncle Rex

1. It looks like the Deke and Molly have worked out things with the Diaz's vehicles so that I can take our Subaru to NY and Massachusetts, starting Thursday morning.  This makes everything about 10,000 times simpler for trip to see the hallowed grounds trod by the Troxstar in his youth.

2. I attended this afternoon's Smart Phone Workshop today at the Verizon store. I found out that my older phone has some, well, shortcomings, but it's just fine for texting, phone calls, general internet browsing, and navigation.  I read some forums when I got home and I might be able to give a directive on my google account that will open google play for me on my phone.  Right now, google says, "No way! You can't play." We'll see.

3.  After years of hearing about Hiram's mother's older brother, Uncle Hiram, and his husband, Uncle Rex, the Deke and I got to meet them this evening in vibrant downtown Silver Spring at the Copper Canyon Grill. We had a splendid time, highlighted, for me, by Uncle Hiram telling me about his undergraduate days at the University of Chicago, a course he took from a besotted Kurt Vonnegut, and his love for William Faulkner and James Joyce -- including a story about when he and some friends read Joyce's Ulysses aloud to each other over a couple of three days of booze, pot, and literary ecstasy.  

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