Thursday, September 10, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 09/09/15: Troxstar Road Trip, Cold Salad, Popcorn Contentment

1. I spent solid time today collecting intel and weighing options in preparation for a trip to Middleborough in a couple of weeks so I can not only see the Troxstar, but get an introduction to his version of Kellogg.

2. With the humid temperatures hovering in the low 90s, I decided not to go on a hike today, and, instead, blanched green beans, boiled tiny Yukon Golds, chopped up tomatoes and peppers and red onions, and crushed garlic into olive oil and combined it all into a cold salad, fitting for this hot September day. I hear news from Kellogg that there's a bite of autumn in the air, but not here in Greenbelt, MD. Just like last year, September is hot and the air is heavy.

3. The Deke returned home from parents' night at the Dora Kennedy French Immersion school. She was pleased with how things went. It turned out she was ready for some popcorn, so I made us a heaping stock pot full. We ended our evening letting the relaxing power of popcorn settle us down and send us contented into the night.

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