Thursday, February 4, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 02/03/16: Afternoon Swim, Return of the Peanut Sauce, Surprise Visit!

1. I jogged, kicked, scissor stepped, stretched, and ran for about forty-five minutes in the five foot deep area of the pool before moving over to the lap swim area and swam six laps. I'm trying to build up to ten laps. That's my current goal. The quiet of the pool area in the early afternoon suits me perfectly.

2. I suddenly remembered, while flopping around in the water, that it has been months since I made a peanut sauce for a stir fry dinner. The recipe I use has layers of taste -- peanut, lime, hot sauce, soy and fish sauce, and, when I have it, coconut milk. I didn't have coconut milk today, but we always have cashew milk on hand and I subbed cashew for coconut and it worked beautifully.

3. Molly texted me, asking if she and the children could come over while Hiram played in a concert and so we had a most welcome and unexpected visit and Olivia and David filled our apartment with energy and giggles and Ana continued to try to figure out just what it means to be six months old in this world she lives in and the corgis went crazy over the dog across the hall and other of our neighbors' perfectly normal activities and we adults ate stir fry and peanut sauce and the children had a Cheerio snack with a banana and when the Diaz visit ended, our apartment home fell as quiet as the Greenbelt Aquatic Center when old people are swimming in the early afternoon.

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