Monday, February 22, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 02/21/16: Postlude Reverie, Kitchen Shaping Up, Talented and Deplorable

1.  Really, there is only one reason why it works for me, right now, not to know anyone at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. The worship service in the Episcopalian Church, being liturgical, takes all of us through something like a several act play and when it concludes, much like at the movies or at the theater, I like to sit in silence and not talk to anyone. At church, this means listening to the organist play the postlude -- for me, it's very similar to staying for the credits at the end of a movie.  I don't stay for the credits to read the credits. I stay to listen to the music. The music playing while the credits run enhances my experience with the movie. Sometimes the music reviews the movie. Sometimes the music offers something like an interpretation, especially if the music includes sung lyrics. If nothing else, the music gives me a time to let the movie settle in.  I see a movie, it ends, and I'm not ready to jump up and leave. Likewise, the postlude gives me a way to let the church service settle in and, often, the postlude offers a kind of interpretation of the service with its mood -- so, this morning, it being the Second Sunday of Lent, the postlude had a decidedly lenten mood and moved me deeper into however I am living out this season. No one interrupted my experience with the postlude (because no one knows me!) and that works for me. And, yet, I look forward to when I get to know some people.

2.  At IKEA on Saturday, we bought two shelf units and the Deke constructed the second one and put it alongside the first one, in the kitchen, and I had a fun time reorganizing our kitchen, making cupboards and counters less crowded and making it easier to reach many of our canned goods and utensils.

3.  I keep reading more deeply into The Talented Mr. Ripley. I will finish it, but it means entering into the consciousness of Tom Ripley, one of the most deplorable characters I've encountered in any story -- at least so far.

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