Monday, February 8, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 02/07/16: Snug and Charly, Ads Interrupted, Dinner with the Diazes

1. I have been assigned to make a slide show by my sister Carol and so I began poking around, looking for music -- not much luck yet -- but, I found about a half a dozen cd's with pictures saved on them from 2007, pictures I took with the first digital Canon I bought back in 2006. Of the pictures I looked at, the most fun was a little series of shots of Snug playing with Charly. I had forgotten that when they were young dogs, they played. For a few minutes, it made me feel a little better about Snug's life.

2. We went over to the Diazes. From another room, and from time to time in the television room, I could hear and see that the television was broadcasting a series of advertisements for movies, cars, CBS programming, beer, relief from constipation, food, and other stuff and that the ads were occasionally interrupted by Super Bowl pre-game interviews and analysis, a man named Seal singing, and some patriotic programming, featuring singers from the armed forces, some of whom Hiram knows. It was fun having him point out these people.  By about 6:45, the ads began to be interrupted by a contest between the Panthers and the Broncos. I'm aware that the ads were interrupted at halftime by an extravagant pop music show, but, by that time, the Deke and I had returned to our apartment home and settled in with the dogs. I checked from time to time to check on the game's score and so I know how it came out.

3. We also ate dinner with the Diazes.  The Deke and I took over potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, garlic, and sausage and the Deke roasted the onion and broccoli and made a dish of mashed cauliflower and potatoes and she fried up diced chunks of sausage. It was an awesome meal, both for the food and the company around the table. We had a lot of fun playing with Olivia and David -- they really liked it when the Deke acted like a radio interviewer and asked them funny questions and they gave funny answers -- mostly about the numerous food related nicknames their Nana has for them.

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