Sunday, February 28, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 02/23/16: Rental Car, Picking Up Ed, Ed Eats at Old Line Bistro

1.  Today Ed Hanson arrived at Baltimore Washington International airport and to help his visit and our plans go smoothly, I went to Enterprise to rent and car and had a fun conversation with the guy I did business with, making the whole transaction pleasant.

2.  I went out to BWI a bit early, sat down at Dunkin Donuts with a couple of chocolate frosted raised donuts and a cup of coffee, read, and waited for Ed who arrived right on time and we made our way to the rental car, piled in, and our four and a half days together in Maryland and D. C. was officially underway.

3. We kicked off our visit by meeting the Deke at Old Line Bistro and introduced Ed got to eat the Empire burger, a half pound of ground brisket with pulled pork and house cole slaw.  He loved it and the Deke and I were very happy that he enjoyed our favorite place to eat and drink beer so much.

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