Monday, February 1, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 01/31/16: Relieving Maggie's Pain, Retreating to the Quiet Room, Leftover Soup

1. Maggie is rarely aggressive.  She's occasionally territorial, but this morning she aggressively went after Charly, unprovoked. She didn't harm Charly, but alarmed the Deke and me. The Deke and I agreed that Maggie must be in arthritic pain again and so the Deke called the vet and we got a refill of her pain medicine. Because of its potential effects on her kidneys, we use this medicine sparingly with Maggie, but definitely the time has come to help her out with the medicine again. I drove down to the vet and returned with more of Maggie's prescription dog food, her pain medicine, dental chews, and the dogs' mouth rinse that goes in their water bowl. I think we're set for a while.  Maggie improved as the day went on and didn't get cranky or aggressive with Charly any more.

2. The Deke went over to the Diazes to babysit Ana while Molly and David and Olivia went to a concert in Fairfax, VA to hear Hiram play a solo in a President's Own Marine Band concert. I spent quite a bit of this time in our bedroom -- the quiet room -- with the dogs so that they didn't hear any comings and goings in our apartment building and so they wouldn't feel the need to commence with high alert barking.

3. Home alone for dinner, it was handy to have the leftover cauliflower-broccoli-etc.-cheese soup in the ice box to warm up and enjoy.

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