Friday, February 12, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 02/11/16: Relishing Days in Eugene with Sparky, Simple Dinner, Rum and Hot Water

1. All Sparky asked from me was two minutes worth of words to be read at Tuesday night's get together at the Wildish Theater in Springfield to celebrate Fools Haven becoming Wildish's resident Shakespeare company.  Sparky and I became best of friends and artistic collaborators beginning back in 1991 -- so I sat here trying to write something in under 300 words about the Shakespeare Showcase and the relationship I've relished for nearly twenty-five years with Sparky. We've worked on countless projects together for everyone from part-time faculty at LCC to donors to the Knight Library to the Lane County Landlord Association to prospective LCC students to the entire faculty and staff of LCC. I've performed in four plays Sparky directed. We have shared countless meals, traveled to Seattle and Portland together to see plays, gone to plays together in Eugene, as well as movies, and have had innumerable conversations in her kitchen and dining area. How to address this rich friendship and string of collaborations in two minutes? I did my best. Whatever I said was going to feel paltry and inadequate, but I hope those who hear what I wrote will know that Sparky has brought vigor and exhilaration and vitality to my life in ways I never dreamed I would ever experience. I just wish I could be in attendance for the bash on Tuesday night to congratulate Sparky, Joe, and Fools Haven on having been invited to establish a home at the Wildish Theater.

2.  The Deke and I took a little trip to Michael's in Laurel and stopped at Shopper's to pick up a cooked whole chicken and a baguette and we then drove to the Diazes for a simple dinner and a good visit with Molly, Hiram, and our grandchildren.

3. A deep chill is moving into this area.  We will probably experience sub-zero temperatures on Saturday with the wind chill factored in. During such cold snaps, I like to drink any kind of alcohol mixed with hot water. Tonight, at the Diazes, I pinched about a shot of white rum from their stash, poured it in a mug, mixed it with hot water and a bit of brown sugar and drinking this simple cocktail warmed me right up.

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