Sunday, February 28, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 02/24/16: Making our Way in D. C., Capitol Tour, Jefferson and Lincoln BONUS: Brau and Live! and Bobby Flay

1. I cannot adequately express how happy it made me, after breakfast at the College Park Diner with Ed, to drive into Washington, D. C., park at the Union Station parking garage, and, with Ed, navigate the Union Station and find our tour bus. I look forward to many more trips to this parking garage and to using the Circulator Bus to get around to the different places I want to visit throughout the downtown area and beyond.

2. Ed and I hopped off the bus at the U. S. Capitol and used out tickets for the 10 o'clock tour, a fascinating stroll through the majestic building and through the history of the U.S.A.  We loved it.

3. We hopped back on the bus and got off at the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial and both were awesomely majestic.  A beautiful mist hung over the Tidal Basin, making the views from the Jefferson Memorial mysterious and stirring. Both memorials were stirring sanctuaries full of elegant and inspiring words.

BONUS: Ed and I stopped off at the D. C. Brau Brewery tasting room.  I had a quick pint of Corruption IPA, but mostly I wanted Ed to see this most favorite hangout of mine.  Later, we went on up to the Maryland Live! casino where we played some machines and enjoyed juicy and delicious burgers at Bobby's Burger Palace.

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