Sunday, February 21, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 02/20/16: Adult ADD, "Just Follow Me" (in IKEA!), The Sofie Test

1. The Deke and I are case studies in lack of focus, not being able to stick with one task at a time, and so our attempts to do routine cleaning chores together in our apartment home got underway today, but aren't finished yet.  A focused couple would have had this place spiffed up in a couple of hours. We have more to do on Sunday.

2. I never saw this coming. When the Deke and I went to IKEA today to buy some shelves for the kitchen, I was our navigator in the store. No. Really. You might remember that back in the fall of 2014, the winding aisles of IKEA gave me vertigo multiplied by claustrophobia, but I've since confronted my IKEA demons and vanquished them, and, today, I actually said to the Deke: "Just follow me." And, afterward, back in the Sube, I smiled and enthused: "That was fun."

3. Goose Island brews one of my favorite farmhouse ales, the sublime Sofie. It's a Belgian style ale, aged in wine barrels with citrus peel. It's light, tart, bubbly, spicy, easy on the tongue, and refreshing. I bought a couple 12 oz bottles the other day and split one (poured in our new IKEA 6 oz. drinking glasses) with the Deke, hoping to determine once and for all whether she might like having more farmhouse ale/saisons as part of the stash in the icebox. Great news! The Deke enjoyed Sofie! I will now purchase the occasional saison/farmhouse ale with added confidence that chances are good we will both enjoy them.

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