Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 02/15/16: Fickle Winter, Melting Frustration Away, Leftovers

1. Snow. Rain. Sleet. Ice. I called the Aquatic Center Weather Hot Line. Open. Good! I braved the elements and squeezed into the Sube after I cleared it of snow and puttered down to the Aquatic Center. Newsflash! Just closed. Senior swim, canceled. I took a deep breath, gathered myself, and determined I'd just have to get down there on Tuesday and put myself through the workout on my own -- if the Aquatic Center opens.

2. Snow. Rain. Sleet. Ice. The Deke had an appointment for a routine test and we bundled up and piled into the Sube and braved the weather, the roads, and the traffic and I drove her there. Everything was running late at the clinic, so I plowed my way to the liquor store for some brandy and to the Co-op for some supplies and returned to the clinic where the Deke was very frustrated that she hadn't been called. Then she was. And fewer than fifteen minutes later, we were out of there. We slid home and celebrated the success of our outing by splitting our last can of Hopslam and then splitting a Sierra Nevada Torpedo. The Deke's frustration melted away.

3. Snow. Rain. Sleet. Ice. Darkness. Perfect conditions for leftover red curry sauce poured over left over rice noodles fried in sesame oil and roasted cauliflower, sweet onion, and red pepper.

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