Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 02/22/16: Good Medical News, Invigorating Aerobics, The Return of Cheese Sauce

1. My heart skipped a beat. It was mild anxiety. An email arrived telling my lab reports were ready for my perusal.  First, though, I read my doctor's comments on the reports.  Vitamin D is down. Buy pills. Everything else is OK. I thought, well, this looks promising so I checked all my numbers to see just how OK my blood work is. My kidney function had improved slightly. My cholesterol numbers were all in good shape. The acid content in my blood is no longer too high. I guess I'll work on upping my Vitamin D, keep swimming and walking, stick with my mostly (not exclusively) vegetarian diet, and be grateful that I continue to hold steady in the face of this chronic kidney disease I live with.

2. It was invigorating to have Senior Swim meet again after losing last Monday to the snow storm. I think because we don't meet next Monday, our instructor pushed us a little harder than usual.

3. During the days of being single in graduate school, I used to make cheese sauce for steamed vegetables or to make my own version of eggs benedict all the time. For some reason, after the Deke and I got married, I stopped. I can't remember why -- doesn't matter.  What does matter is tonight I brought back the cheese sauce -- tonight's was very simple: butter, flour, milk, sharp cheddar cheese. I served it over roasted cauliflower, broccoli, onion, red pepper, and mushrooms and brown rice. The Deke loved it. I began to remember some of the variations of this simple recipe I used to toy with over twenty years ago and I'm going to get back to some of those variations again over the next several months.

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